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About Us Established in 1967, Narin is among the most distinguished firms operating in Turkey’s houseware and industrial kitchen products sector. “Sustainable quality” approach is what is behind the firm’s rooted history. Narin has always kept customer expectations and needs at the forefront in its customer-focused designs by placing importance on high quality. From the day it was founded, the company with its in-house high technology production chose to take place in the competitive market with its own exclusive collections and designs, by differentiating its product range. In terms of its product range, the company has approximately 1000 different items, with forks, spoons, and knives being in the foreground alongside home series, table acccessories, horeca and open buffet equipment. The firm, placing importance on flexible production structure with its wide product range, continues to operate in Istanbul-Güneşli with its expert staff. While bringing Narin customers and products together at its wholesale store in Mercan and Güneşli factory sales store, the firm also feeds sales channels across Turkey to reach out to Narin customers more effectively. Besides the domestic market, having increased its efficiency in the international market, Narin exports to Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Kosova, Romania, Spain, Netherlands and Canada. Our Mission: Understanding customer needs and expectations in the best way, while providing our wide product range with the optimum prices to consumers both in the domestic and the international market in the most effective way, facilitating the flexible production structure and high quality as our priority. Our Vision: To become a recognised brand both in domestic and foreign markets, while becoming one of the first customer choices by creating a difference and value in Turkey as well as in many other countries in the world. Our Values: -Reputability -Reliability -Susceptibility -Sustainable quality -Customer Focus -Innovation -Efficiency History Narin was established in 1967 in Süleymaniye-İstanbul. The brothers from the Narin family, who started to produce metal picture frames in a small workshop, used hand presses at first to produce the frames. By enlarging their workshop in a short period of time, they started the production of kitchen equipments that were not commonly produced in Turkey at the time such as nutcrackers made of stainless steel, puree mashers, and pumpkin carvers. In 1975, Narin brothers reached a capacity with an increased product range, which allowed them to establish a factory in Bayrampaşa- İstanbul with the Narin brand and diversify their products with fork-spoon-knife production. In 1994, Narin added teapot, coffeepot, tea set and cooking pots besides fork, spoon and knife to its product range besides The firm diversifying its product range, increasing its production capacity and power, moved its expert staff to Güneşli – İstanbul. Since 1994, adding table accessories, horeca and open buffet equipment to its products alongside fork-spoon-and-knife, Narin continues to strenghten its infrastructure by adapting its production line to new technologies to meet customer expectations and needs effectively.



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